‘Football Fans Together’ launched to raise NHS and community football funds

Football Fans Together
(Football Fans Together)

A new campaign has been launched to raise money for the NHS and community football, calling on the support of UK football fans.

Football Fans Together was launched on 6th May, with the aim of raising much-needed funds for two British organisations: The National Health Service (NHS), whose work has been critical and greatly appreciated throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and Football Beyond Borders, a football education charity.

The campaign is aiming to raise £200,000 for their chosen charities, with 75% of the proceeds going directly to NHS Charities Together, the collective helping to support the NHS. The remaining 25% will go to Football Beyond Borders, who use football to support disadvantaged young people across the UK.

Craig Swyer, the founder of Football Fans Together, is hoping that the ‘I Pledge’ campaign will encourage football fans to make a small donation. Launched as a part of the main initiative, it will help collect funds from fans and, hopefully, all 20 Premier League clubs through a similar pledge.

Football Fans Together
(Football Fans Together)

Swyer said: “We have launched the ‘I Pledge’ campaign where fans make a pledge of what they would have been doing on a match day outside of lock down and donate it to the cause.

“By reaching out to the football fan base in the UK we are asking for individual small donations, £5 or £10, in turn facilitate a great way for the football community to raise funds for two important charities.”

Football Fans Together are looking for small donations which would’ve otherwise been spent on a match day, such as a half-time pint or match day travel. With the widespread support of fans from clubs up and down the country, even a donation of £5 would go a huge way in reaching the campaign target.

In addition to the fans, Premier League clubs will be contacted and asked to help contribute to the total fund. In a similar ‘We Pledge’ campaign, all 20 top flight clubs will be asked to make a ‘club pledge’ on behalf of their season ticket holders, should the current Premier League season be voided or concluded behind closed doors.

Football coronavirus
(Getty Images)

Swyer added: “Over the coming days we will also be writing to ask all Premier League clubs to consider to facilitate fan donations as part of any credits they offer as well as make a donation of £2 per season ticket holder to the Football Fans Together initiative.

“There are an estimated 500,000 season ticket holders in the Premier League, so this would make a sizeable impact to the two charitable causes and demonstrate the power of the football community.”

At the time of writing, the campaign has raised £836.08, as they aim to engage the entire British football community and bring them together in times of uncertainty.

To find out more about the campaign, visit the Football Fans Together website and donate here

Football Fans Together
(Football Fans Together)


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