General Election: What do the main parties want?

2019 General Election
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In less than 24 hours, the polls will open for the 2019 General Election. For the third time in four years and the fourth time this decade, the United Kingdom will be voting for who they want to be the Prime Minister in the most extreme political times this country has seen for decades.

The first winter election in 96 years sees PM Boris Johnson looking to gain a working majority, with his party currently 28 MPs short. His main challenger will be Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is aiming to put the Opposition back in power after nine years of a Tory Government.

While it seems to only be a head-to-head race between Johnson and Corbyn, there should be no underestimating the other parties.

10 Downing Street
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Jo Swinson and the Liberal Democrats are eyeing up a return to power for the first time since the 2010 coalition, Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish National Party (SNP) continue their fight for an independent Scotland, and Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party could well dictate the result of the election.

With the clock ticking down on Election Day, many may still be asking who to vote for. So, here is a simple breakdown of what all five of the major parties are promising if they get into 10 Downing Street.


(Nischal’s Blog)

Where do they stand…

On Brexit: Following the recent extension, the Conservatives want to leave the EU as soon as possible. They want to get through Parliament and achieve Brexit by the new deadline of 31st January 2020. 

On the NHS: The Tories have pledged to invest an extra £20.5 billion and introduce 50,000 more nurses. 20,000 of them would be newly trained, with the remainder coming from abroad.

On the Environment: They will aim to reduce emissions to near-zero within three decades, with the date set at 2050. 

On Police: Johnson will put 20,000 more police officers out on the streets, as the PM looks to increase police presence over the next three years.


(Nischal’s Blog)

Where do they stand…

On Brexit: Labour will hold a second referendum on Brexit, with the option to vote for their new, reformed deal or to remain in the EU altogether.

On the NHS: £150 billion will be invested into a number of services including the NHS, with funding also going towards schools, housing and hospitals.

On the Minimum Wage: Labour will increase the national minimum wage, upping it to £10 per hour.

On Broadband: Corbyn wants to introduce free fibre broadband for homes and businesses across the nation, having it fully implemented by 2030.

Liberal Democrats

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Where do they stand…

On Brexit: The Lib Dems will revoke Article 50 with no referendum, meaning Brexit will be cancelled and we will remain in the EU.

On the NHS: Invest £26 billion a year into the NHS, getting the money by increasing the national income tax by 1p.

On the Environment: Swinson wants to combat climate change immediately, investing £20 billion to do so.

On Infrastructure: They will spend £130 billion on new infrastructure across the country.

Green Party

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Where do they stand…

On Brexit: The Greens will hold a second referendum on the final Brexit deal, campaigning for Remain.

On the NHS: Stand against privatisation of the NHS and ensure it remains government-run, keeping it publicly provided and funded.

On the Environment: They have pledge to spend £100 billion a year to tackle climate change, and will aim to cut the country’s carbon emissions to near-zero by 2030.

On Employment: They will create one million new jobs through environmentally friendly investment.

Brexit Party

(Nischal’s Blog)

Where do they stand…

On Brexit: Farage promises to leave the EU by 31st January with no new extensions, promising a “clean break” Brexit.

On the NHS: They will keep the NHS government run and increase the number of medical staff, while keeping waste to a minimum.

On Spending: The Brexit Party will spend £200 billion on services for young people, connectivity and broadband and infrastructure.

On Immigration: They will reduce the annual rate of immigration into the UK, reducing illegal immigration and the overall number of immigrants.

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