A defining week in the history of the United Kingdom

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This week is going to be huge.

As Brexit continues to dominate the headlines across the UK and the globe, we are approaching another historical and crucial date. A two-and-a-half year saga will be completely defined this week, as MPs will finally get the chance to vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

On Tuesday 15th January 2019 – almost a month overdue – MPs will finally be able to give their ultimate verdict on her Brexit deal, which has been frankly catastrophic. After months of debating, planning and waiting, it’s finally time to vote.

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It will be a huge moment in the Brexit saga; there’s no doubt about that. It could be the final straw for Theresa May, and could well be the start of the end of her final demise.

The vote will once and for all show whether MPs support or oppose May’s deal, though remarkably we already know that she is going to lose. It would frankly be a miracle if her deal was passed, though I really emphasise the word ‘miracle’.

Losing the vote tomorrow will signal another defeat for May’s government, as they continue to be defeated on every possible front in a disastrous couple of years. As soon as the result is announced, everything could escalate very quickly.

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Although the Conservative Party are unable to challenge her leadership for another 11 months, the House of Commons are able to. Losing a vote of no confidence in the House could see a third general election in four years, which could be catastrophic and devastating for the UK on so many levels.

There are a number of options after Tuesday’s vote, including a renegotiation of the deal, a no deal Brexit or even a second referendum. There are so many different possibilities after the vote, all of which could drastically change the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

With the UK facing a no deal Brexit and the Labour Party planning a vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister, Theresa May will need a real miracle to survive these tests- that is, if she is still in power.

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In a recent speech in the House of Commons, she told MPs that trust in politics will suffer ‘catastrophic harm’ if the referendum result is not implemented. It’s ironic she said that, considering the nation’s trust is already at an all-time low.

Ever since the referendum results were announced, it’s been hard to place trust in the people who are supposed to represent us. The whole exit process has caused so much division, and it can only get worse from here on.

Whatever happens though, this week is going to define Theresa May’s tenure, and could prove crucial for her future and that of the United Kingdom.


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