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Welcome to Nischal’s Blog.

I really appreciate you visiting my website, and I hope you enjoy my work. I want to explain a bit about myself, about the blog and why I’m here, so I can give you a better understanding of what you’re actually reading.

Who am I?

I’m Nischal, a student from London with a passion for Journalism. It has been a lifelong dream for me since I was a kid, and today I am focused on developing my skills, gaining experience and pursuing the career that I’ve dreamt of for years.

By reading and supporting my work, you are supporting an up-and-coming, independent Journalist. I wholly appreciate every read, share and follow, and it all means so much to me.

Why did I create a blog?

There are two main reasons I created Nischal’s Blog.

Firstly, I wanted to start uploading my own, original articles on my own, original website which I completely run myself. I want to be able to write my own content, editing and choosing the topics as I wish.

I also want to gain experience in things like running a website, managing social media platforms and professionally editing articles- both in the writing itself and how it is presented on the website.

Secondly, I want to build up a portfolio. You’ll notice that, as well as all of my articles I have written for the blog, you can find an array of articles I have written for multiple news outlets over the past few years.

Having my blog is an online portfolio for myself and my work, which anyone can visit. I intend for my blog to be a place where you can read all of my work, find out about me and contact me.

What do I write?

The two main two topics I write about are the two things I am most passionate about- Football and Politics. Whether it’s about Chelsea or Brexit, I’m always eager to give my opinions and cover anything related to these topics.

As well as this, I also try to write about a broad range of subjects, including documentary reviews and global affairs pieces. I have also written interviews with notable people, with more of that to come throughout this year.

Who do I write for?

Screenshot 2019-10-04 at 17.43.14.png

As well as writing regularly for Nischal’s Blog, I currently write and contribute to a few other sites, as well as having written for a lot of news outlets in the past.

As of October 2019, I am a regular writer for football news site 90min and independent Chelsea site All Things Chelsea, and a part of the Podcast Team at Chelsea site The Chelsea Echo.

I have been regularly writing for 90min since October 2018, amassing over 2 million total reads since. I began with All Things Chelsea in March 2019, and joined The Chelsea Echo in August 2019.

You can view my work for them all below, as well as visit their sites:

Read all of my 90min articles here

Read all of my All Things Chelsea articles here

Listen to all of my Chelsea Echo podcasts here


Visit the 90min website here

Visit the All Things Chelsea website here

Visit The Chelsea Echo website here

Who have I written for?

my work

On top of my current commitments, I have been able to write for many other news outlets in the past. To name a few, I have written for world football organisation FIFA, British newspaper The Guardian and International news agency Reuters.

I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy writing it. If you like what you see, then please follow the blog to receive my articles in your emails. You can also follow my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates- I appreciate all the support.



Twitter: @NischalsBlog

Facebook: Nischal’s Blog

Instagram: @nischalsblog


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